What is a

Gripomaniacs are our proud ambassadors that help us reach out and spread our product and message. They are public figures, musicians, trainers, athletes and more, enthusiasts that believe in what we stand for and share our vision of a better tomorrow.



It’s very

To become a Gripomaniac we would like you to give us a clear picture of who you are. Click here to fill out a form and we will contact you in a near future.


Sell Grip with your campaign code

When you become a Gripomaniac you will receive a unique code. The code can be used by friends and acquaintances whom would like to order Grip Energy from our webshop.

20kr per case goes straight into your account.

The more friends you have that order Grip Energy through our website the more money you make as a Gripomaniac. Every case sold with your unique code earns you 20kr.

Climb in our reward system.

There will be possibilities for the people that have sold the most by the end of the year to be part of projects lead by Grip Movement. You will have the chance to influence and make a change.