We are in it for the long-term and wish to change the negative and destructive behavior in society. Our main priority is the children. We want to surround them with healthy, creative and structured environment. The results will be remarkable.


Grip Movement is about how we should all act, towards each other, and towards the world which we live in.Grip Movement is a unified and passionate group of people who refuse to stand by and passively watch injustice without intervening to create radical change. Our goal is to eliminate the source of the problems, and not just the symptoms. We are working for long-term change . Step by step we want to educate new generations of freethinking, compassionate and creative individuals. Together we strive to create a world where no one cries themselves to sleep over hunger, violence, homelessness, bodily or mental abuse, unemployment, humiliation or racism. Simply – anything that harms the originally beautiful human soul.

We believe in the goodness in all people, it is the founding belief of all our work.We also believe that people are a product of their environment. During our childhood the pillar which supports our personality and behavior is formed, Metaphorically, these pillars can either take the shape of beautiful, ornate marble columns or hard, grey and ugly concrete. Both examples make up the foundation of our personalities, but one is beautiful and pleasant to be in contact with, while the other makes us want to keep our distance. That is why we work fundamentally. We want change to start at the roots.
We work radically.

We sow the seeds of noble values. Our children will learn to show consideration and help their fellow human beings. They will grow up in visually beautiful environment created by people for people. A peaceful world where everybody is invited to join and change society and make it better.
This will bring peace to the soul and make it easier for the mind to think creatively, a way of life that can only be achieved in a fair and equal world. This is our belief. It is the core of Grip Movement.

We are Grip Movement, we are the beautiful revolution

This is the foundation of our ideology: 

  • All people have equal value.
  • To work for food alone is a form of slavery, a person must live, not merely survive.
  • Children should never be hungry or abused.
  • Every child has a right to an education. We will change the environment in which we live. Our goal is to create beautiful neighborhoods, to get rid of the ugly and inhumane. People should have a right to influence childcare, education and their neighborhoods. An environment that in the end is pleasing to the eye and soul.
  • The keywords to are organization are: Compassion. Sympathy. Empathy. Generosity. Solidarity.
  • We are against racism, bullying and child labour.
  • We are against any type of violence.
  • We are the beautiful revolution.

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