Radically Healthy

Grip Energy is a premium energy drink made with only the finest ingredients. That it’s clear as water you can see and that is wakes you up, you can feel – but Grip Energy has another quality that is great in the long run. Grip Energy is the sophisticated rebel, the innovative new product that has made the choice to invest all profits into charity projects. We give a margin of every can sold to the Hunger Project and the rest goes to the non profit organization Grip Movement. Grip Energy is for the people that want to make a conscious decision, a choice that stands for being good to yourself and good to others. We have re-invented the energy drink that will change the world. With Grip Energy you can drink to a better tomorrow.


  • Sky is the limit.

Improves Performance

Grip Energy’s groundbreaking recipe can radically raise your performance at work, school and athletic activities. Caffeine heightens the ability to focus and react while the B-vitamin complex makes sure the effect lasts and reduces fatigue. Guarana improves memory and gives a boost that stimulates the mind.

Invigorates both mind and body

Our revolutionary recipe keeps you focused and alert with a sense of euphoria, without unnecessary chemicals or additives.

Natural choice

Grip Energy is free from sugar and does not contain any preservatives or food coloring so you can enjoy it with a clean conscience – in more than one way as all profits go to charity.

Good for everyone

All profits from Grip Energy are invested in charity projects. A margin goes directly to The Hunger Project and the rest goes to the innovative organization Grip Movement – a new revolutionary way to work with charity.